ICICI Bank Credit Card Payment – Options, Procedure, Payment Method


(Updated on 07.10.2017) ICICI Bank Credit Card Payment – Get information about Credit Card Payment Options, Method, Procedure, Net Banking, NEFT & Cheque. 

ICICI, Being one the most reputed bank in providing various finance related services, Also provides Credit card facility. You can apply for credit card easily online on ICICI website itself. You can also pay credit card bills using Net banking, Debit card & Other various ways which we will discuss below. Let’s start from the basics of credit card.

Via credit cards, Banks allow the card holder to purchase goods or services on credit. Credit card allows you to make payments & afterwards pay it back to the bank.

Why Credit Cards are helpful ?

In case, someday you run out of your money then credit card can help you in the situation. It can be used to make the payments or lower your debts. Some credit card even provides the cashback facility.

Through Credit card you can get rewards on dinings, shopping, movie tickets & much more.

You can get complimentary benefits while applying online throughout the week.

Payment Options Available For ICICI Credit Card

✔ Online Credit Card Payments Using Net Banking

In below mentioned 4 simple steps you can pay your ICICI Bank Credit Card outstanding. (Payment will be reflected in your ICICI Bank Card within 3 working days).

  • You need to select your bank for which the ICICI Bank credit card payment is to be made.
  • Enter the desired credit card details like Card type, Credit Card Number & Amount.
  • To confirm the payment you need to enter your authentication details like user ID, Password etc.
  • Online confirmation will be given to you with transaction reference number.


✔ Online Credit Card Payments Using Debit Cards

Paying for you credit cards bill was never this easy. Debit cards can also be used to make payments of your credit card outstanding ! Yes, this is true.

Here are the steps to follow in order to make successful payment :-

You can easily login with User ID & Password

Select your debit card type (ICICI Bank Debit Card) & enter the credit card details like 15/16 – Digit ICICI credit card number twice.

Enter the outstanding amount against your credit card & click ‘pay now’.

Enter your authentication details as required and the debit card account will be debited instantly.

✔ Online Credit Card Payments Using ICICI Bank Account

From ICICI bank account You can easily pay your credit card bills by using the ‘BILL PAY’ option on Net banking (The payment will be credited within 2 working days).

VMT payments can be made on Visa Credit card using the visa money transfer option. To avoid late payment charges, make payments at least 3 days prior to the due date.

 Online Credit Card Payments Through NEFT 

  • Use transaction code 52 & IFS Code ICIC0000103 from ICICI bank as the destination Bank.
  • Within 1 working day the payment will be credited to you.

✔ Online Credit Card Payments Through Auto – Debit Facility

Customers can easily register for Auto – debit facility, Free of cost, through Internet banking with User ID & Password or through 24 – Hours Customer care.

  • Auto – Debit provides you with convenience & flexibility of choosing between 2 payment options, Namely,
  • Total Amount Due.
  • Minimum Amount Due.
  • Once registered, your Auto debit instruction will be effective from the immediate credit card payment due date.

✔  Online Credit Card Payments via Cheque & Draft

Payment can be made through cheque or draft. You can simply drop your cheque or draft payment of a local bank at any ICICI Bank branches or ATM Drop box.

  • Payments will be credited for ICICI Bank Cheque within 3 days, for Non – ICICI Bank cheque within 5 working days, Outstation cheque at ICICI Bank branch locations within 12 working days & Outstation cheque at Non – ICICI Bank branch location within 21 working days.

✔  Online Credit Card Payments via IMPS Merchant payment

Open the mobile application & login to the mobile banking

  • Click on ‘Bank Account’ where IMPS option will pop out. Then select Merchant Payment option.
  • Add the bank account details with merchant mobile number (7506612221) & Mobile Money Identifier (MMID – 9229001) for ICICI Bank credit cards.
  • Enter ICICI Credit Card number under ‘Payment Reference Number’ with the amount to be paid.
  • Your payment confirmation will be given to you after which your ICICI credit card account will be credited within 24 hours.

✔  ICICI Bank Credit Payments through Cash

Pay by cash at any ICICI Bank branch. ₹ 100/- will be charged per payment and Applicable taxes.

✔ You can also pay via ATM or Call 

  • Visit the nearest ATM & make payment with ICICI Bank Debit Card. The payment will be credited to you instantly.
  • You can call at ICICI Bank 24 hour Customer care & follow the IVR instruction to make the payment using ICICI Debit card.

Latest News on ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank to provide automated payday loan-type credit to Customers, Non – customers & New-to-credit borrowers. The bank will soon declare partnership with e-commerce firms with which the buyers will get a ‘pay later’ option for even a small amount of ₹ 20,000/-.

The bank would price these loans similar to credit card advances only if the customer do not pay on the due date. For the first month, Buyer will get free credit up to 45 days.

If the customers make a few purchases using the cash-on-delivery option, They will be eligible for credit.

Several other credibility parameters will be considered.


Credit card customer care phone numbers (city wise) are given below :

Andhra Pradesh 7306667777 Jharkhand 8102667777
Ahmedabad 07933667777 / 07944455000 Kolkata 03333667777 / 03344455000
Assam 9864667777 Karnataka 8088667777
Bhopal 7553366777 Lucknow 05223366777 / 05224445500
Bhubaneswar 6743366777 Kerala 9020667777
Bangalore 08033667777 / 08044455000 Mumbai 02233667777 / 02244455000
Bihar 8102667777 Madhya Pradesh 9098667777
Chandigarh 01723366777 / 01724445500 Maharashtra 9021667777
Chennai 04433667777 / 04444455000 Orissa 9692667777
Chattisgarh 9098667777 Panaji 8323366777
Dehradun 1353366777 Patna 6123366777
Ernakulam 483366777 Punjab 7307667777
Delhi 01133667777 / 01144455000 Raipur 7713366777
Gurgaon 01243366777 / 01244445500 Ranchi 6513344339
Goa 9021667777 Rajasthan 7877667777
Gujarat 8000667777 Shimla 1773366777
Hyderabad 04033667777 / 04044455000 Tamil nadu 7305667777
Haryana 9017667777 Telangana 7306667777
Himachal Pradesh 9817667777 Uttar pradesh 8081667777
Jaipur 01413366777 / 0144445500 Uttarakhand 8081667777
Jammu & Kashmir 9018667777 West Bengal 8101667777


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