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RBL Bank Classic Platinum Card – Apply & Get best offers from RBL Credit Card. Check Eligibility, Reward Points, Features, Benefits, Annual Fee, Discounts. 

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Classic Platinum Card Features & Benefits

Enhanced Security

  • PIN-based EMV chip that adds an additional layer of security to reduce chances of fraudulent transactions.
  • The chip offers a more secure payment mechanism compared to the traditional magnetic stripe, and reduces the probability of skimming, i.e., copying of personal data from the information stored on the card.
  • An EMV chip + PIN card mandates the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to authorise purchase transactions providing an extra layer of security.

Online transactions through your Credit Card 

  • Your Online transactions with your RBL Bank Credit Card are more secure now. All online transactions need to be validated with a One Time Password (OTP).
  • A One Time Password (OTP) is generated automatically whenever you do an Online transaction.
  • OTP is sent to the mobile number and email ID registered with the card account.
  • Please ensure that your mobile number and email ID is updated with us to be able to transact online, kindly contact Card Service Helpline for assistance.

Flexi Limit

  • Stay in control of your finances through flexi limit.
  • Regulate the credit limit on your card and your add-on card by just calling the 24X7 customer service and assigning a lower limit.
  • You can assign a differential limit to the primary and add on credit card.

Active Alerts

  • Stay informed about all the vital card transactions made on your credit card.
  • Get alert messages on dispatch of your card statement, receipt of payment, payment date missed etc. on your registered mobile phone number and e-mail address.

Global Acceptance

  • The RBL Bank Classic Platinum Card is accepted at over 23 million MasterCard accepting merchant establishments world-wide. This is in addition to over 120,000 MasterCard merchant establishments in India and Nepal.
  • You can buy in any currency and pay back later in Indian rupees.
Please note: As per the RBI guidelines, you can use your card in Nepal and Bhutan for transactions in either their local currencies or in Indian rupees.
Cards Online
  • Access your card account with just a click.
  • View billed and unbilled transactions.
  • Print last 6 months statement.
  • Check available credit limit and request for balance transfer or demand draft.

Global Cash Access 24 hours a day

  • You can access any ATM in India or overseas that displays a MasterCard / Cirrus / Maestro sign.
  • Please note that a transaction fee is applicable on all cash withdrawals. All cash advances also attract finance charges from date of transaction to date of settlement.

Zero Fraud Liability

You are covered by Zero Fraud Liability if your card is ever lost or stolen after you have informed the 24X7 customer service. That means you will not be responsible for fraudulent purchases.

Add-On cards

Get up to 5 add-on cards for your relatives. Add-On card can be applied for your spouse, parents or children (above 18 years of age).

(Source-rblbank website) 

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