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How to Link Andhra Bank Account with Aadhaar Number

Central Government has made it a mandate to link your accounts; what-so-ever their nature be, to aadhaar number. Failing which, your account will be deactivated by the bank. All the account holders are obliged to link their accounts to their Aadhar number latest by 31st march,2018. Simply visit your bank’s branch with a photocopy of Aadhar card or visit the bank’s website online.

If you are an existing Andhra Bank customer, follow the below mentioned steps to link your account with aadhar number. In order to get it done, please keep your Andhra Bank Savings Account number, mobile number linked to your account and Aadhar number provided by UIDAI with you.

Step 1. Visit Andhra Bank’s official website.

Step 2. To the extreme right of the page, click on Aadhaar linking.

Step 3. Enter your Aadhar number, Account number and Mobile number linked to your account in the given box.

Step 4. Write the Captcha as shown in the image in the space provided.

Step 5. Click on Submit.

An sms will be sent to you mentioning the OTP (One Time Password) by UIDAI.

Step 6. Enter the OTP in the box.

Step 7. Tick on the consent note given on the page. (“I hereby state & undertake that I have no objection….”)

Step 8. Click on ‘Authenticate’ below the OTP.

If the OTP provided by you is validated by UIDIA, your bank account will be linked to your aadhar number.