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How to update/change mobile number in SBI Savings Account

SBI offers 3 ways to update/change your mobile number in SBI Savings account ie. through OTP sent on mobile numbers, through Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM, and through SBI Contact Centre.

Follow the steps below to update your mobile number in SBI Savings Accounts.

1. Visit the official website of SBI and login to your account.

2. Click on ‘My Account and Profile’ and select ‘Profile’ option.

3. Under the Profile, select Personal details.

4. Enter your profile password (other than your login password).

5. It will display your name, email id and registered mobile number.

6. Click on the hyperlink ‘Change Mobile Number- Domestic only’ (Through OTP/ ATM/ Contact Centre).

7. A new screen will appear displaying ‘Personal Details – Mobile Number Update’ with three options of ‘Create Request’, ‘Cancel Request’ , and ‘Status’.

8. Select ‘Create Request’ option. Enter your ‘new mobile number’.

9. Re-enter it and click on ‘Submit’.

10. Pop Up message appears on the screen ‘Verify and confirm your mobile number xxxxxxxxxx’.

11. Click ‘Ok’ to proceed.

12. On the new screen choose the different modes for approval of change of your mobile number- OTP Password on both old and new mobile number; or IRATA: Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM; or Approval through Contact Centre.

Through OTP sent on old and new mobile number:

  • Once the information has been verified, OTP will be sent on both mobile numbers.
  • Sms, ACTIVATE<8 digit OTP Value><13 digit reference number> to 567676 within 4 hours from both the old and new mobile numbers.
  • On successful validation of OTP Value and reference number, your mobile number will be updated in your bank account.

Through IRATA: Internet Banking Request Approval through ATM

  • On successful validation, an SMS will be sent on your new mobile number containing Reference Number for Change/Update mobile number and IRATA reference number .
  • Visit SBI ATM. Swipe your Debit Card.
  • Select ‘Services’ .
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Select ‘Others’ and then choose ‘Internet Banking Request Approval’.
  • Enter 10-digit reference number.
  • On successful completion, your mobile number will be updated in your SBI Savings Account.

Through Contact Centre

  • On successful validation, you will receive a reference number on your new mobile number.
  • You will be contacted by SBI’s contact centre person within next 3 working days.
  • Ask for Reference number from SBI Contact centre person before sharing your details.
  • Once your details have been verified, your number will be updated in SBI Bank’s records.